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Fair trial is right of every citizen of state: AG Anwar Masood

Fair trial is right of every citizen of state: AG Anwar Masood
December 17, 2019
ISLAMABAD (News) – Attorney General Anwar Masood Khan said according to the article 10 (A) of the constitution, fair trial is right of every citizen of the state but former president Pervez Musharaf was convicted in absentia. Addressing a presser at Press Information Department along with Special Assistant Firdous Ashiq Awan on Tuesday, the attorney general said that if someone said that the judiciary was independent, it didn't mean that verdicts which fell outside the parameters of the law will be issued. “When the additional attorney general went to court to present his arguments, he was told that he hadn't been appointed by the federal government,” said Anwar Masood. The attorney general said that whosoever broke the law should be punished. He said that Prime Minister Imran had always stood for the rule of law in the country. “If a fair trial cannot be seen then the accused cannot be punished,” said the attorney general. “I will not defend any personality. Rather, I will defend the law,” he added.
Nation pays tribute to Pakistan Army’s democratic ideology
Special Assistant Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that all the nations paid tribute to Pakistan Army’s democratic ideology. While talking about judgement against former president Parvez Musharaf, she appreciated the Pakistan Army for supporting the civilian government. “For the first time, the armed forces have supported a civil government. We are trying to overcome challenges through joint civil-military efforts,” she added. “Pakistan Army has been rendering unmatched sacrifices for regional peace and stability,” the special assistant mentioned. She also said that harmony among the institutions is the need of the hour. She said it is the need of the hour to boost the morale of our soldiers. Firdous said that there were some people who were celebrating the verdict of the special court and hoping for a clash between the institutions. “The same people who can be seen rejoicing on TV screens today were the same ones who had taken oath from Musharraf in 2009,” she added. “It was important for everyone to realise during the current situation that Pakistan was in, it was imperative for all institutions to be on the same page,” the special assistant said.