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Fayyazul Hassan Chohan apologizes for anti-Hindu statement

Fayyazul Hassan Chohan apologizes for anti-Hindu statement
March 5, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – Punjab Minister for Information Fayyazul Hassan Chohan has apologized for his anti-Hindu statement on Tuesday. In a statement, he said that he was addressing Indian PM Narendra Modi, Indian army and media in his statement. “My target was not the Hindu religion and Hindu community,” he said. Meanwhile, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) served a notice on Punjab Information and Culture Minister Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, reprimanding him for making derogatory remarks against the Hindu population in the country. This has come in light of a viral video in which the PTI minister was seen making a demeaning comment about the religious minority group. Chohan's statement has resulted in eminent PTI leaders and senior party members coming forth to flay him for passing a vile statement. The PTI government "will not tolerate this nonsense", party leader Naeemul Haque said Monday night. "The derogatory and insulting remarks against the Hindu community by Fayyaz Chohan the Punjab Info Minister demand strict action. PTI govt will not tolerate this nonsense from a senior member of the govt or from anyone. Action will be taken after consulting the chief minister," Haque, who is special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, said. https://twitter.com/naeemul_haque/status/1102651507973984256 Asad Umar and Shireen Mazari, the federal ministers of human rights and finance, also criticized Chohan's remarks heavily. "Hindus of Pakistan are as much a part of the fabric of the nation as I am. Remember the flag of Pakistan is not just green....its not complete without the white which represents the minorities," Umar wrote on Twitter. https://twitter.com/Asad_Umar/status/1102621629471956992 "Absolutely condemn this. No one has the right to attack anyone else's religion. Our Hindu citizens have given sacrifices for their country," Mazari tweeted. "Our PM's msg is always of tolerance & respect & we cannot condone any form of bigotry or spread of religious hatred," she added. Meanwhile, Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal also issued a statement, saying that Pakistan is proud of the white in the flag, which represents highly revered minorities, as much as it is of the green. https://twitter.com/DrMFaisal/status/1102777569257111552