Friday, October 7, 2022

Feelings, Sentiments, Affection: Poet of Peace visits Children’s hospital

Feelings, Sentiments, Affection: Poet of Peace visits Children’s hospital

Poets have the most sensitive souls. They deeply feel the pain and joys of life and portray these emotions through their verses, and other mediums of expression. Their poetry not only provides sense of feelings but it also shapes the societal conscience. Because of their power to influence people, many poets have played their effective role for the social causes and they consider it their responsibility to help reform the society and support their fellow beings.

Renowned poet, columnist, philanthropist, activist and an iconic figure Kashif Shamim Siddiqui visited National Institute of Child Health (NICH) Karachi on Monday, November 16.

During the visit, the poet who is known as "Poet of Peace" met with sick children, doctors and paramedical staff. He held discussions in detail with NICH Director Prof Dr. Syed Jamal Raza and looked around the different wards of the hospital accompanied by him.

The NICH is a 500-bed hospital which is currently under the administrative control of the Health department of Sindh government. It is the first children hospital of the country and presently one of the largest and the only children hospital of the province of Sindh.

It provides tertiary care services for almost all types of pediatrics diseases and is equipped with latest diagnostic gadgetries. Its highly qualified faculty provides teaching and training facilities both at under graduates and post graduates levels. It is a prime institution of the country recognized nationally and internationally.

While talking to Kashif Shamim, Dr Raza said that although there are numerous challenges ahead but we are striving to provide best healthcare services to the children "there is strategic expansion plan for the hospital” he added.

On the occasion, Kashif Siddiqui expressed his best wishes for the children who are admitted and coming into hospital for the treatment, "may God bless them with a good health, restful and recovery" his words turned into a pray. He also praised the efforts of the whole management and staff at the hospital.