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Finance adviser denies to give approval to decision of PM

Finance adviser denies to give approval to decision of PM
February 18, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Adviser on Finance Hafeez Shaikh denied to give approval to the decision of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan for setting up a digital media wing. According to the details garnered, the prime minister decided extra-ordinary steps to tackle current challenges. The finance adviser opposed decision of the premier on government matters. PM Khan has taken approval to set up digital media wing despite the opposition of Hafeez Shaikh. The prime minister decided to set up a digital media wing comprising 27 people in the Ministry of Information. The premier cancelled the decision of finance adviser and directions to Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) for not releasing amount to set up social media wing. The approval to issue 42 million rupees for establishing digital media wing has been given. It is pertinent to mention here that the media wing comprising 27 people will advertise government’s policies and decisions on social media as well as tackle the criticism of opposition and general public. PM Imran Khan took second action against the Ministry of Industry. He also expressed anger on the Ministry of Industry and private companies for not decreasing Rs400 price of fertilizer pack despite removing gas surcharges. He also warned and hinted at action against the responsible. He clarified Adviser Razzak Dawood that the supply of gas at subsidized rates would be stopped if the company did not reduce the cost of fertilizer pack. The premier took third action for presenting wrong facts and figures regarding agriculture in the federal cabinet. It was also reported that the prime minister and some members of the assembly are particularly worried about the farmers and production of cotton. However, Imran Khan instructed to prepare a cotton policy for giving relief to farmers within a week. “This policy is the first policy from the federal government which will be implemented to increase cotton production and reduce financial hardships.”