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Five new polio cases detected in KP: NEOC

Five new polio cases detected in KP: NEOC
July 4, 2019
PESHAWAR (92 News) – Five new cases of polio have been reported in two districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KP) in a single day, officials confirm. According to the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC), three cases have been reported from Bannu district while two others have been found in Torghar. It has been disclosed that the polio-affected children had not been administered protective injections. According to NEOC, an 8 and 10 month-old-boy from district Bannu, 11-month-old girl from North Waziristan and 48 month-old-girl and 24-months old boy from District Torghar of KP. This is second time that five polio cases have been reported from KP in a single day as on June 28, as many polio cases were reported from the province. The National Institute of Health (NIH) had also confirmed that two cases each were reported from Bannu and Torghar and one case was reported from North Waziristan tribal district. Prime Minister’s focal person on polio eradication Babar Bin Atta has expressed serious concern over emergence of fresh polio cases, appealling the nation to ensure that every child gets polio vaccination. He said the government would leave no stone unturned to control the spread of the disease. A fake drama was created against polio vaccination in Peshawar which has fuelled parental refusals in far off areas of the country, Atta said, adding drama in Peshawar caused massive damage to the cause of polio vaccination. In a news statement, Deputy Commissioner Swabi (Captain) retired Kamran Ahmad Afridi said: “All the efforts put in by the provincial government to eradicate polio from the region will not be achieved unless the refusing parents understand that their individual decision to refuse anti-polio vaccines not only demonstrates indifference to their child’s health but is also an expression of disregard to the national cause of polio eradication that we must have to achieve as a nation.” With the emergence of new cases, the number of polio cases in Pakistan has reached 37 this year, including 31 in KP and three each from Punjab and Sindh. Side by side Afghanistan and Nigeria, Pakistan is one of the only three countries where complete polio eradication has not yet been achieved.
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