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FM says India fulfilling hegemonic designs to rule Indian Ocean

FM says India fulfilling hegemonic designs to rule Indian Ocean
February 15, 2021

ISLAMABAD (92 News) - Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that India has nuclearized the Indian Ocean and continues to induct advanced weapons systems and naval delivery platforms in pursuit of its hegemonic designs.

Addressing the International Maritime Conference in Karachi, the minister said the Indian Ocean offers promising potential for mutual cooperation and collaboration. "But geo-strategic competition and the pursuit of military dominance by some States have gravely jeopardized that potential," he added.

FM Qureshi said that in the light of these developments, Pakistan will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure its security and to maintain credible minimum deterrence.

He said India’s belligerent and aggressive policies pose an immediate and pervasive threat to international and regional peace and security. He said the international community needs be cognizant of the fact that any military conflict in South Asia could endanger stability in a region that is critical for global trade flows and security.

He said Pakistan recognizes the importance of safeguarding the world’s oceans to promote the prudent use of marine resources for socio-economic development, while ensuring environmental sustainability.

He said we are ready to cooperate and collaborate with other friendly nations and partners around the world, to realize this goal for mutual benefit of the entire humanity.

The foreign minister said Pakistan is an important maritime state blessed with an over one thousand kilometer long coastline. He said maritime zones of Pakistan are richly endowed with living and non-living resources.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Pakistan is an important stakeholder in the Indian Ocean security framework, which includes counter-piracy as well as human trafficking and narcotics smuggling. He said Pakistan Navy continues to maintain a robust security posture along Pakistan’s coast and in the regional seas, in order to prevent nefarious elements from illicit activities in the maritime domain.

Gwadar has potential to become a regional hub

Gwadar has the potential to be developed into a full-fledged regional hub and transshipment port. He said that the port will place Pakistan at a point of convergence to provide a sea route to landlocked Central Asian countries for shipment of oil, coal, and agricultural products.

“Gwadar Port also provides new vistas for businesses, extraction of live-saving medicines, coastal tourism, and the development of the coastal real estate,” Qureshi said. He also pointed out that these are the industries that are attracting local and foreign investments.

The minister said that the maritime sector in Pakistan requires “substantial investment” for building, operating, and enhancing its profitability. “Revenue generation for this sector, however, still lacks behind.”

"The government has, therefore, enhanced its efforts for the development of the maritime sector and has marked it as a “priority area," Qureshi revealed. He emphasised that 2020 was declared the year of the blue economy, which is a new concept that recognises the seas as an essential area for economic development.