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Bilal Yasin attack case: CIA arrests accused who provided weapon to shooter

Bilal Yasin attack case: CIA arrests accused who provided weapon to shooter
January 3, 2022 Web Desk

LAHORE (92 News) – The Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) has arrested the accused who provided the weapon to the shooter attacking PML-N MPA Bilal Yasin.

During the investigations, the arrested accused Afzal said that he did not know about the shooters. "I had given the weapon on the order of Sajid," he disclosed.

According to the CIA, the attackers' target was Haji Liaquat who had a shop in Bilal Ganj. Liaquat had a dispute with Mohsin over the shop issue. Haji Liaquat had involved Bilal Yasin in the matter. Bilal Yasin also supported Liaquat. Mohsin nurtured a grudge against Liaquat and Bilal Yasin. Mohsin hired shooters and ordered them to spray bullet in legs.

Sajid Garma had purchased the pistol used in the attack from an illegal weapons dealer. Mohsin, an accused having history of such cases, is also involved in the incident. Pictures of the accused involved in the attack on Bilal Yasin were made public. One of the accused is wearing a green jacket, while another is in a black jacket.

Sajid Garma and Mohsin Mallo had ordered the shooters. The main accused has gone underground. The camera installed by the Safe City Authority near the site of the incident was out of order.

Earlier, the police had arrested four suspects. According to the police, the accused have been arrested through geo-fencing. The arrested accused will have to undergo video graphic test.

On the other hand, Bilal Yasin has been shifted to VIP room from Surgical Tower.