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Germany announces 10 million euros for flood victims in Pakistan

Germany announces 10 million euros for flood victims in Pakistan
October 7, 2022 Web Desk

BERLIN (92 News) - Germany has announced 10 million euros for the flood victims in Pakistan.

The announcement was made by the German foreign minister with Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhuttto on Friday. "The fact that we are working together to find solutions to global problems and that we can rely on each other bilaterally, is very valuable. Germany is already Pakistan’s most important trading partner in the EU," she added.

She said that Pakistan plays a very important part for stability in the region, especially Afghanistan.

Bilawal Bhutto said: "We have concerns about food security following the floods. In addition to that, the economic consequences of this tragedy are already being felt, and will get worse if we are unable to address them."

He said that there are grave human rights violations being committed in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and peace inside South Asia will not be possible without the peaceful resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. "I am horrified that I am standing in 2022 Berlin and we are discussing the potential use of nuclear weapons. This is absolutely not an option for anyone anywhere in the world."

The minister said that they had increased the staff available for German visa processing within Pakistan to help them with the resettlement of Afghan refugees and the long waiting time of our citizens applying for visas.

About the Afghanistan issue, he said: "There is an interim government in Afghanistan which we have to continue to engage with if we want to see results. So far, their cooperation in getting people out of Afghanistan has been a positive story."

Bilawal Bhutto said that they will continue to raise the issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir. "We believe that international law should apply everywhere, and the UN resolution should be respected everywhere," he concluded.