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Government accepts all demands of goods transporters

Government accepts all demands of goods transporters
January 13, 2020
KARACHI (92 News) – Goods transporters ended their strike as the government accepted all the demands of transporters. During a press conference along with Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, the goods transporters announced to end their strike after holding successful negotiations with the government. The transporters said that all of their demands have been accepted. “The government will implement Axel Load Limit law but no fines would be against the transporters.” A day earlier, goods transporters continued their strike in several cities, including Karachi, for the 7th day. it is noteworthy that the transporters had announced strike last week against a hefty increase in penalties on traffic rules violations on highways and motorways. According to the details garnered, the strike of good transporters has continued on seventh day across the country against increasing fines and taxes on motorways and highways. The production process in factories was affected due to the strike. Moreover, deliveries of goods are also delayed across the country. The economy also troubled due to the strike of vehicles. The industrials are also facing the difficulties due to the strike. The government is showing carelessness on the important matter and no serious step has been taken till now. Earlier, the provincial government had summoned transporters to Governor House for negotiation. Transport Minister Jahanzaib Khan Khichi said that the government wass informed about the situation being created due to the strike of Mazda Association. “We want to resolve the matter peacefully,” he stated. On Wednesday, the cargo loading was also stopped at Port Qasim after Karachi. Owing to the strike, the delivery of fertilizers, coal and industrial and construction machinery was stopped. On the other hand, owners of oil tankers have also supported the strike. On January 6, goods transporters went on a wheel-jam strike for an indefinite period in protest against heavy fines imposed by the authorities on highways and motorways. Imadad Hussain, spokesman for the goods transporters, said that the objective of the strike is only the implementation of the law. “We went total imposition of the excel load limit. Foreign and local deliveries will remain suspended till acceptance of their demands,” he said. On January 4, goods transporters had threatened a strike for an indefinite period from January 6 if their demands were not accepted. Addressing a joint press conference, they had also threatened to stop the delivery of goods across the country. They demanded immediate removal of Minister for Communications Murad Saeed. They said that it had become very difficult to run the transport goods business due to new laws. “Excel weight limit should be fixed as per directions of the Islamabad High Court,” they demanded. They said that NHA authorities were imposing heavy fines. “We will be forced to observe the strike from January 6 if the government did not resolve our problems,” he said. They said that their protest would continue till imposition of the new laws.