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Govt announces to provide free COVID-19 vaccine for citizens

Govt announces to provide free COVID-19 vaccine for citizens
November 19, 2020

In an interview with 92 News program " Subh Savaray", Parliamentary Health Secretary Dr Nausheen Hamid said that they are trying to get vaccine from three sources.

Nausheen Hamid informed that talks are underway with pharmaceutical companies. "Vaccine trials of a Chinese firm are also underway in Pakistan. Hopefully, an agreement will be reached by the end of this month," she added.

"The results of Chinese medicine are also encouraging. The victims may have to be vaccinated against coronavirus every year," the parliamentry secretary maintained.

"The COVID-19 vaccine will not be available once, it will be given in badges. They are also trying to get medicine from the COVID-related forum or platform."

He further said that different companies have different prices for COVID-19 vaccines. "Corona has been discovered for the first time so it will take ttime to reveal the details," she added.