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Supporting world in difficult times is proof of our best foreign policy: Bilawal Bhutto

Supporting world in difficult times is proof of our best foreign policy: Bilawal Bhutto
February 14, 2023 Web Desk

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that supporting the world in difficult times is the proof of our best foreign policy.

Addressing the 42nd Specialized Diplomatic Course for the officers of Foreign Service of Pakistan at Foreign Service Academy in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said that Pakistan raised its voice in every forum related to the climate change. "America and China helped us a lot in the recent floods."

The minister said that the government was arduously working for the betterment of relations with all international partners. "Our foreign policy has been guided by national interests, pragmatism, constructive engagement and amicably managing divergences and maximizing commonalities of interests."

He said that the success of this policy is evident by the recently held Resilient Pakistan Conference in Geneva where China, the US, Islamic world and other countries expressed full support to Pakistan.

Referring to the changes taking place at the international level, the minister said that this necessitates a foreign service equipped more with the skills and capacities to comprehend and adapt to the current day geo political and geo economic realities. He said it was imperative to adopt new tools and technologies which can act as a force multiplier for shaping and disseminating narratives, identifying opportunities for economic linkages and markets for exports as well as improving services for Pakistanis residing abroad.

He said that Pakistani diplomats were expected to be skilled navigators of electronic, print and social media in order to protect, promote and sustain national narratives. He said the diplomats have a great responsibility to enhance Pakistan's strategic space in the international arena.

Bilawal Bhutto was confident that the Foreign Service Academy will continue to produce outstanding diplomats who will uphold the tradition of excellence in representing Pakistan on the global stage.