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Govt has no topic except revenge, says Nafeesa Shah

Govt has no topic except revenge, says Nafeesa Shah
January 3, 2019
HYDERABAD (92 News) – PPP leader Nafeesa Shah has said the government has paralyzed everything by placing the name of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on the exit control list. Talking to the media on Thursday, she said that the government has no topic except revenge. She said that the government had committed contempt of court by not removing the names of 172 people from the ECL. “The government is getting extortion by imposing a tax on the petrol prices,” she maintained. The PPP leader said that the prime minister had borrowed dollars from China, Saudi Arabia and the UAE in three months. “The government received the loan from China on commercial basis,” she added. She said that Imran Khan who has been waiting for the third umpire is causing a loss to democracy. “Imran Khan wants the one-party rule and he has nothing to show. The government is not ready to fulfill its responsibility,” she added. Nafeesa Shah said that the FIA played a negative role in the Asghar Khan case. She said that the political scenario presented by PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto on December 27 was dangerous. Former senator Ajiz Dhamrah said that the PPP is not afraid of entry of the PTI to Sindh. “The democracy-loving people of Sindh will not allow them to create unrest in the province,” he said.