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Govt spokespersons term judges’ controversial video as propaganda

Govt spokespersons term judges’ controversial video as propaganda
July 7, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – Reacting to the alleged video released by PML-N leader Maryam nawaz regarding accountability court judge Arshad Malik, Punjab Information Minister Samsam Bukhari has said that they cannot save themselves by making judiciary as controversial. In a statement, the minister said that the PML-N again attacked on the judiciary but responded badly. Samsam bukhari said that N league wants to take the politics on point of ‘no return’, adding that the main agenda of PML-N to make controversial as national institutions. “Sharif family has quality to produce bogus documents and tempered records. N league has entered in the close street and its frustration can be seen easily from their reactions,” he said. While talking to 92 News channel, Punjab Chief Minister spokesperson Dr Shehbaz Gill said the drop scene of Maryam Nawaz’ press conference happened within 24 hour. He said it is regrettable that PML-N leaders are still using old tactics and they should be ashamed after denial from accountability judge. Shehbaz Gill said the politics of PML-N is based on lies and their leadership kept the nation hostage for two hours yesterday. He said the show of Maryam Nawaz’ emotional speech has flopped. The spokes said PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif and senior leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi should have shown courage yesterday. He said Maryam safdar should leave politics, adding that her politics would ruin PML-N. In exclusively talk with 92 News, Special Assistant of Prime Minister on Accountability Shahzad Akbar said that Maryam Nawaz is trying to blackmail and the current situation seems to be like hijacking. He further said that the statements given by the PML-N leader were not like the politician’s narratives. Prime Minister Imran Khan spokesman Nadeem Afzal Chan, during exclusive talk with 92 News, said that everyone knew how Nawaz Sharif restored his assembly. “PML-N has right to fight its war but accusations is unfair. I don’t think so that judge sahib talked such type of conversations with Nasir Butt. He will see if the PML-N leadership provide any proof for this matter.”