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Ground situation in IoK contradicts Indian stance of normalcy: WP

Ground situation in IoK contradicts Indian stance of normalcy: WP
August 26, 2019
WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – Unearthing the facts and ground situation of the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK), the American newspaper said that ground situation in IOK contradicts the Indian official stance of normalcy in the territory. US renowned newspaper Washington Post’in its special report – reported that while the Indian government and state police officials say the region is calm, videos from the ground and eyewitness reports tell a completely different and indeed a bleak story. The paper elucidates that because of communications shutdown, photos and video from the ground are hard to come by, but the paper’s Fact Checker team finds visuals which dispute the government’s claims that no protests have taken place and that there is peace in the territory. The visuals obtained by the Paper show civilians protesting and Indian forces using tear gas and firing to disperse them. Indian Held Jammu Kashmir is a long-disputed territory between disputed territory between Pakistan and India. After removing Kashmir’s special status, the Kashmiri people raised serious concerns and lodged a severe protest even a curfew and blockade of communication in occupied valley. Indian government shut down all forms communication in Kashmir including the Internet, cable TV and landlines. Thousands of security forces patrol the streets at checkpoints, and many high-profile political leaders in Kashmir continue to remain in detention.

Indian false claims exposed

The Indian government has claimed that things remain calm in Kashmir. But video, as well as media and eyewitness reports, dispute that claim. A point of contention arose over whether there was a large-scale protest on August 9 after Friday prayers. First, the Indian government denied the protest took place at all.
The Facts
Verified video from that day shows protests did occur. Fact-checkers in India geo-located the protests to the Jenab Saeb mosque in Srinagar, Kashmir. And signs referring to Article 370 verify that these protests were in response to the recent decision, not old video that had resurfaced. The Indian government ultimately walked back its claim.
Video surfaces firing, tear gas in IoK
Video published by the BBC has audio of firing and tear gas as protesters disperse. Officials later acknowledged pellets were fired and caused injuries. Their justification was that “firing” referred to live bullets, not pellets.