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Hollywood actor Chris Evans makes directorial debut in 'Before We Go'

Hollywood actor Chris Evans makes directorial debut in 'Before We Go'
September 4, 2015
LOS ANGELES – Hollywood actor Chris Evans has swapped his "Captain America" shield for the director's chair in "Before We Go", a romantic drama he also stars in along with British actress Alice Eve. Evans makes his directorial debut with the movie about two strangers who meet in New York one night, and whose initial acquaintance turns into a more trusting relationship. Speaking at the film's screening in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, Evans said he was "just getting my feet wet" directing his first feature film. "It was kind of a new kid at the first day of school, it was understood that I had no formal training so it's a matter of trying to not make a fool out of yourself," Evans told Reuters. "But I was surrounded by a lot of good people and I had a lot of good advice from a lot of talented departments." The movie has drawn comparisons to award-winning director Richard Linklater's romantic drama trilogy "Before Sunrise", "Before Sunset" and "Before Midnight". "Richard Linklater is a phenomenal director and if this is a homage to him then that's a great achievement for Chris," Eve said when asked about the similarities between the films. "Before We Go" opens in US cinemas on Friday. –Reuters
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