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HomeNet Pakistan commemorates Home based workers day, conducts training on occupational health & safety

HomeNet Pakistan commemorates Home based workers day, conducts training on occupational health & safety
October 27, 2020

92 News, KARACHI (Kashif Shamim Siddiqui) - HomeNet Pakistan organized an especial event on 26th October, 2020 to commemorate International Home Based Workers' day and to provide exclusive training on Occupational Health & Safety (OHS).


50 women home workers and 8 home worker leaders gathered in the commemoration of HBWs day and training on OHS at piston college hall in Baldia. Local government’s Deputy Director West, Mr Tariq Ahmed Bughio and representaive of HBW, Mr Gulfam Nabi Memon were invited as guests for the auspicious occasion.


150 home based workers’ registration forms were filled by women home workers from Musharaf Colony, Abidabad, Saeedabad and Orangi Town. Sindh government is committed to work towards the implementation of home based workers law andregistration of these home based workers.


Ms Aisha Mughal from HomeNet Pakistan shared the initiatives taken so far for the upliftment of the HBWs in Karachi. She said that around 150 HBW registration forms have been filled by workers and we are hopeful that Sindh government will soon progress towards the implementation of Sindh home based workers law. The registration of HBWs and their access to the social security would make them more empowered to work and earn better. The law once implemented would give them the right to be a worker ad enjoy the perks as workers.


She further mentioned that considering the current pandemic situation HomeNet Pakistan has catered to the needs of home workers through ration distribution, awareness raising on covid-19, as well as, linking them with formal and informal organizations to receive trainings on digital literacy, e-commerce and social enterprise. In October, HNP has trained 400 women home based workers on occupational health and safety, that involves awareness about the Sindh occupational health and safety law, the common prevalent health issues among home based workers and ways to cater them.



Mr Gulfam Nabi Memon representative of HBW,explained the complete registration form in detail. He mentioned that home workers should have their own bank accounts or any easy paisa, jazz cash or Omni account. They should not mention account of other person in the form. Informing about HBWs card, Gulfam sahab shared, he is hopeful that cards will be issued 3 days after submission of registration forms. All registration forms should be submitted at LHRD office. Sharing benefits of registration, he explained that under social security, home workers and their family members will get free medical treatment, whereas under workers’ welfare board, women workers will get sewing machines, men workers will get bikes and home workers willbe eligible for pensionwhere the age set for women,is 55 years and for men,is 65 years. Moreover, under the SHBW law, the contractor is bound to pay wage equal to minimum wage, deviation from which will lodge a complaint against him. Forms will only be verified by Union Council of the area because home workers will lodge all their complaints at UC and they will forward it to Labor department. In addition, he mentioned that we are requesting government to provide a proper workplace for women home workers so that it is convenient for them to work.



Mr Tariq Ahmed Bughio, Deputy Director Local Government attended the event and praised HomeNet Pakistan for their commendable efforts in increasing the visibility of home based workers. He requested home workers that if they face issues related to Bay form, marriage certificate, birth certificate, water and sanitation issues of the area, then local government will resolve those. He further emphasized that HomeNet Pakistan will help identify such problems in the areas and local government will cater issues of all home workers. 


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