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I have not citizenship of any country other than Pakistan: Moeed Yusuf

I have not citizenship of any country other than Pakistan: Moeed Yusuf
July 19, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Rebutting the details of assets and dual nationalities by cabinet division, Special Assistant on National Security Division Moeed Yusuf has said that neither he owns any property abroad and nor he has citizenship of any country other than Pakistan. In his tweet, Moeed Yusuf has said that rumors are being spread against him. He clarified that he has already submitted an affidavit to government of Pakistan regarding his citizenship. He shared the undertaking he said he had previously submitted to the government, which reads: “I [Dr Moeed Yusuf] am a Pakistani citizen by birth and that I do not hold, and have never held citizenship of any other country.” “I have not returned to the US since I took up my current responsibility, have no employment or income in the US. Nor do I have any millions worth properties abroad as is being insinuated. I or my family have NO fixed property anywhere but Pakistan. Stop spreading lies,” he said. Moeed further clarified that he has not visited US after assuming his current position and nor does he receive any form of income from the US. He also appealed to people to not spread misinformation about his citizenship. Earlier, the federal government revealed the details pertaining to the assets and dual nationalities of 15 special assistants and advisers of Prime Minister Imran Khan as four of them have dual nationality. According to the numbers present on the cabinet website, the assets and liabilities of the advisers and special assistants in the premier’s federal cabinet has been revealed. There are three billionaires in the premier’s cabinet. It emerged that four of the advisors and special assistants of the cabinet possess dual nationality while two of them are green cardholders. Zulfi Bukhari holds British nationality, Nadeem Afzal Chan has Canadian citizenship while Moeed Yusuf and Shahbaz Gill are green card holders (permanent residence of US). Shahzad Syed Qasim and Nadeem Babar have US citizenship while Tania Aidrus holds dual nationality of Canada and a permanent residency of Singapore.