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ICC Annual Conference approves revised playing conditions; suspends USA Cricket Association

ICC Annual Conference approves revised playing conditions; suspends USA Cricket Association
June 26, 2015
BARBADOS – The ICC Annual Conference on Friday approved revised playing conditions coming into effect from July 5 and ICC Strategy 2016-19 besides adopting Integrity Working Party’s recommendations, said a press release. The meetings of the ICC, IDI and IBC Board were held during the conference under the chairmanship of Narayanaswami Srinivasan. The ICC Board suspended the membership of the USA Cricket Association. N Srinivasan said: “The ICC Board has made this difficult decision in the best interest of the game and all cricketers in the USA.” Among the discussions held, decisions made and reports received were: ICC Cricket Committee recommendations: The ICC Board noted amendments to the ICC playing conditions, which were approved by the ICC Chief Executives’ Committee on Monday and Tuesday. These playing conditions will come into effect for series starting on or after July 5, 2015. The key changes were: 1. No compulsory catchers in overs 1-10 (ODIs) 2. No batting Powerplay between overs 15-40 (ODIs) 3. Five fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle in overs 41-50 (ODIs) 4. All “no balls”, not just “foot faults”, to result in a free hit (ODIs & T20Is) ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said: “We have thoroughly reviewed the ODI format after a very successful ICC Cricket World Cup. There was no need to make any radical changes to what has proved to be a vibrant and popular format but we wanted to take this opportunity to make the format simpler and easier to follow for the public as well as maintaining a balance between bat and ball. “In making these adjustments, we have tried to ensure that ODI cricket retains the attacking, aggressive and thrilling brand, which has recently become the hallmark of 50-over cricket and sets us on a positive path to the next World Cup in England in 2019.” Integrity The ICC Board reviewed and adopted the recommendations of an Integrity Working Party which had been convened to review the global risks for international and domestic cricket created by the threat of corruption. This decision will see a greater role for a central Anti-Corruption Unit and paves the way for greater coordination of preventative and investigative activity around the world with a unified vision to ‘keep cricket clean’. International cricket The ICC Board decided that a considerable amount of time should be set aside at the next Board meeting in October for the directors and chief executives to discuss issues relating to bilateral cricket, including enhancing the context and value of Test and ODI series. Mr Srinivasan said: “It is time for all of the Members to look at ways in which we can generate more interest and value in our cricket.” ICC Strategy 2016-19 The ICC Board approved a new strategy for the organisation built around a vision of cricket becoming the ‘world’s favourite sport’. Mr Srinivasan said: “It is an ambitious and long-term vision for the ICC and its Members. We need the game to become more popular and sustainable in more countries. It is important that the ICC events continue to grow and that all international cricket becomes more appealing to the public. “We also have an important role to play in protecting the integrity of the game and increasing the number of truly competitive teams.” The strategy covers the following four broad areas of activity: 1. Cricket: Providing a world-class environment, making sure men's and women's international cricket is attractive to play and watch 2. Integrity: Protecting the integrity of the game 3. Major events: Delivering successful major events and building their value 4. Game and Market Development: Improving the quality and reach of international cricket.
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