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If you want democracy, come to negotiation table, Khattak asks Opp

If you want democracy, come to negotiation table, Khattak asks Opp
November 8, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Minister for Defence Pervaiz Khattak on Friday asked the opposition if they want democracy to flourish in the country, then come on the negotiation table for solving the issues rather than sit-in politics. Speaking on the floor of the National Assembly, he lashed out at the opposition parties and said that the PTI government always advocated for rule of law and strengthening of democracy. He said that two political parties had pushed the country into dark by taking unprecedented loans. He said that top leadership had been included in the committee to give a message that the government was serious to engage the JUI-F for resolution of issues. “We included top leadership, so JUI-F should have trust that the government was serious for dialogue” he added. Pervaiz Khattak challenged the leadership of JUI-F for fresh election in Ali Amin Gandapur’s constituency and alleged that two political parties have put economy of the country in crisis. The defence minister again offered the JUI-F leadership for dialogue to solve the issues. He has told opposition parties to come to the table in order if they want to run the country. “Keep sitting in protest,” Khattak says to a rowdy opposition. “But do not harm the country.” “I nominated the National Assembly speaker, the Senate chairman and Punjab Assembly speaker for facilitation as they are enjoying good relations with the JUI-F leadership” he maintained. He further said that ordinances had been passed as per the constitution and law of the country and constitution allows us to pass the ordinances and they follow the law. Meanwhile, ruckus in National Assembly during the speech of Pervaiz Khattak and opposition members made noise after Khattak's strong remarks in his speech.