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IMF lobby surrounding PM Imran Khan, says Raza Rabbani

IMF lobby surrounding PM Imran Khan, says Raza Rabbani
May 7, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Former Senate chairman Raza Rabbani said on Tuesday that the lobby of International Monetary Fund (IMF) surrounded Prime Minister Imran Khan. Addressing a Senate session, the senator said that the same lobby is against the 18th amendment and provincial autonomy. He also said that the federal government did not take the house into confidence before taking loan from the IMF. On the occasion, talking to the session, Senator Mushahidullah Khan declared the appointment of Dr Reza Baqir as surgical strike for the country’s economy. Hot words echanged between Raza Rabbani, Shibli Faraz Usually a calm and tranquil Senate witnessed an exchange of hot words between Raza Rabbani and Leader of House Senator Shibli Faraz. Rabbani, speaking at the floor complained that the Ministry of Interior didn’t reply nine out of the 10 questions asked in the house. Senator Faraz retorted Rabbani,”You want to sabotage proceedings of the house with routine daily protest without any reason.” The opposition benches staged walkout from the Senate session protesting over the absence of the interior minister in the house. Senator Azam Khan Swati said that it is the first instance in parliament’s history that despite the federal cabinet in session, several ministers are present in the house to answer questions about their departments.
PPP decides to strongly oppose appointment of Dr Reza Baqir
A day earlier, the Pakistan Peoples’ Party PPP has decided to strongly oppose the appointment of Dr Reza Baqir as Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Speaking to the journalists in the parliament house on Monday, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said, “The government has lack of leadership. It seems the government is compromising on the country’s economic autonomy.” Bilawal Bhutto asked that if International Monetary Fund (IMF) will now decide who should be appointed on top slots, adding that the system will not work in this way. “IMF also needs us and PPP fought for public when it contacted IMF in past. He said PPP gave jobs to people against the will of IMF in past but incumbent government is only following IMF demands,” he termed. The PPP chairman also mentioned that a sudden change of the finance minister, the SBP governor and chairman FBR was a serious issue.
Rabbani terms IMF new East India Company
Earlier, Raza Rabbani said that a current employee of the IMF being appointed as the SBP governor was deplorable. “This amounts to colonisation of Pakistan by the international financial imperialists,” he said in a statement. “The IMF is the new East India Company, they have their men in place as the adviser on finance and governor State Bank, in previous arrangements the takeover was not so complete. But then no Pakistani government claimed that there may be an offshore discovery of oil and gas. The looters have come before hand,” he maintained. The SBP governor, he pointed out, being an employee of the IMF, which was giving a bailout package to Pakistan, was a conflict of interest and it was obvious that his loyalties would not be with Pakistan.
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