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IMF’s agreement violation of sanctity of constitution: Raza Rabbani

IMF’s agreement violation of sanctity of constitution: Raza Rabbani
May 17, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Senator Raza Rabbani on Thursday said that the government’s agreement with International Monetary Fund (IMF) is violation of the sanctity of Pakistan’s constitution. Addressing a press conference, the former Senate chairman said that the government has given the integrity of Pakistan in hand of the IMF. He said that the ordinances are being issued for delaying the parliament session. Raza Rabbani claimed that the efforts are continued to take Ayub Khan’s developmental model and the presidential system after ending the 18th amendment. He has urged the government to clarify its position with regard to the IMF statement about the National Finance Commission (NFC) Award. “Will the government slash the NFC award in violation of the constitution? In its press release, the IMF has said that the government has promised to review the NFC Award,” Rabbani explained. The senator further termed that the government has promised the lender it will amend the relevant constitutional clause. He said that the new NFC Award could not be kept below the level set by the previous award. Raza Rabbani said that the government has not taken provinces into confidence over the agreement with the IMF. He said the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is against the agreement, which is being kept secret from the people. “We will raise the issue in the parliament to seek details of the agreement with the IMF,” Senator Rabbani said. The PPP will devise a line of action over the issue in coordination with other opposition parties after the Eid. On the other hand, provincial minister Saeed Ghani said that the incompetent government devaluated 31 rupees value against US dollars within 10 month. He also claimed that ‘Niazi’ Saheb is not able to run the country properly.
IMF lobby surrounding PM Imran Khan, says Raza Rabbani
Raza Rabbani said that the lobby of International Monetary Fund (IMF) surrounded Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Addressing a Senate session, the senator said that the same lobby is against the 18th amendment and provincial autonomy. He also said that the federal government did not take the house into confidence before taking loan from the IMF.

On the occasion, talking to the session, Senator Mushahidullah Khan declared the appointment of Dr Reza Baqir as surgical strike for the country’s economy.