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Imran Ismail says federal govt cooperating with Sindh most of all

Imran Ismail says federal govt cooperating with Sindh most of all
April 11, 2020
KARACHi (92 News) – Governor Imran Ismail has claimed that the federal government is extending most of all cooperation with Sindh. Talking to 92 News on Saturday, he said that it is not time for blame-game. “It will not be appropriate to extend the lockdown beyond April 14,” he added. He said that the provincial government cannot direct the federal government to waive off the utility bills. “We will talk to the prime minister regarding the distribution of expired ration,” he said. Earlier talking to the media in the office of Khidmat-e-Khalaq, Imran Ismail said that it is very difficult task to take the food to each house. “The lockdown was mandatory, but it seems difficult to take the lockdown ahead,” he said. The governor said that the government will have to show leniency to save the middle class from the effects of the lockdown after April 14. He said that the impression of the spread of coronavirus through the devotees coming from Taftan is wrong. “No one can deliberately spread the coronavirus. The Governor’s House has distributed 20,000 ration bags and more 20,000 ration bags will be distributed in 2-3 days,” he said.