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Imran Khan announces besieging Islamabad after Muharram

Imran Khan announces besieging Islamabad after Muharram
October 1, 2016
LAHORE (92 News) – PTI chairman Imran Khan has announced besieging  Islamabad after Muharram. Addressing the participants of the Raiwind March, he said that he would have staged a sit-in had there not been Pak-India tension at the border. “We will not let Nawaz Sharif rule if he did not present himself for accountability. After today, no meeting will be held against him,” he announced. The PTI chairman said that the looted money has made the rulers coward. He claimed that Nawaz Sharif had been caught red-handed in the Panama Leaks. “Maryam Nawaz is the owner of two Panama companies that exist in Nelson and Nicholas. But, in 2012, she claims that she has no property even in Pakistan,” he said, adding that Maryam Bibi owned companies since 2006. He said that it has been written in the tax returns of Nawaz Sharif that Maryam Nawaz has no source of income. “Nawaz Sharif formed companies in the name of Maryam Nawaz and he made property worth billions of rupees in London,” he declared. Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif violated four laws and did not disclose his assets. He said that PM Nawaz Sharif faces abdominal problem, not heart. “His (Nawaz Sharif) last time has come,” he maintained. The PTI chairman said that Indian PM Narendra Modi had disappointed his nation. “Modi is an extremist.” He said that Modi would have to give rights to the Kashmiris. Earlier addressing the meeting, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak said that present democracy is better than the martial law. “The present rulers have taken a lot of looted money abroad. The PM is afraid of giving a reply to India,” he maintained. AML chief Sheikh Rashid claimed that Nawaz Sharif had provided information about Ajmal Qasab to India. “I suspect the thieves are in collusion with the RAW,” he said. He said that he had advised Bilawal Bhutto not to follow his father and follow the footsteps of his mother and maternal grandfather. He said that he was ready to give his blood for revolution first of all. “We will ransack Jati Umra if Imran Khan grants us permission,” he said. Arif Alvi said that the government sent a reference against Imran Khan instead of investigating into Panama Leaks. Ch Sarwar said that the country’s institutions had become a tool in the hands of the rulers.