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Indian misadventure will get a befitting response, warns Imran Khan

Indian misadventure will get a befitting response, warns Imran Khan
March 9, 2019
THARPARKAR (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday warned that Pakistan want peace and not war, but any aggression or misadventure by India will receive a befitting reply. Imran Khan announced a massive Health Package for Tharparkar under which Insaf Health Cards will be provided to one hundred and twelve thousand families of the area. He also initiated the ceremony with distributing the Sehat Cards for the poor. Addressing a public gathering in Chachro, he said that medical facility seven hundred and twenty thousand rupees will be provided to every deserving in any hospital. He said that the biggest objective of his coming into the power was to ameliorate poverty. He said he chose Tharparkar for his visit because the area is the most backward in Pakistan and seventy-five percent people of the local people are living below the poverty line. The premier announced two Mobile Hospitals and fourteen Ambulances to extend health facilities for the people of Tharparkar. He said Tharparkar is mines producing area including Coal and Copper, the income of these mines will be now spent first in these areas. Imran Khan also announced 100 RO water plants to overcome water shortage in the area. He said electricity will be produced by the solar means. He said federal government will do everything for the development of Tharparkar and other remote area of Sindh. Speaking in face of recent tension with India, Imran Khan said, “We want peace and not war. But no one should remain mistaken. Pakistan is awake. Any aggression or misadventure by India will receive a befitting reply. We are ready to fight till our last breath,” the prime minister mentioned.
PM once again offers India to resolve problems through talks
While giving a message of peace, he once again offered India to resolve problems through negotiations. Imran Khan said we are a responsible state and not allow anyone to use our soil for any terrorist activity. He said all the political parties has unanimously decided not to allow any militant group to use country land for nefarious designs. Prime Minister said our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a blessing for the entire humanity and our Allah is God of all humanity and we believe in unity and not in division.
We will not allow anyone to suppress minorities in 'Naya Pakistan'
The Prime Minister said his government will not allow anyone to commit cruelty with Hindu or other minorities. He said minorities are enjoying equal rights in Pakistan without in any discrimination. Imran Khan said Narendra Modi is using hate card against the minorities to achieve votes in the elections. He also said while in India, the minorities are being subjected to exploitation and discrimination, the Pakistani government is providing all facilities to the minorities, particularly the Hindus. He said that the Indian government does not protect the rights of minorities. “The situation has been become worse for the minorities in India and they are facing difficulties,” he added.
Person, reading from a piece of paper, can never become leader
Reacting to the criticism directed by his opponents, he suggested that u-turn is necessary for achieving the required goal. Imran Khan while taking a jibe at Bilawal Bhutto’s address in National Assembly, saying that a person who makes a speech while reading from a piece of paper can never become a leader. He said that the Pakistan Muslim League-N and JUI-F leaders could not understand the speech of Bilawal Bhutto, which he had given in English and they offered prayers in NA towards wrong direction. He also criticized Asif Ali Zardari while giving reference of his fake accounts case. Imran Khan also announced to provide solar energy in the Tharparkar and 100 RO plants will be installed for drinking water.
Imran Khan invites new people in Sindh to join PTI
At the end of his address, Prime Minister invited the new people in Sindh to join PTI to serve the people and not interested in money making. He criticized the PPP politics in Sindh province saying the party has done nothing significant for the welfare of the masses.
Imran Khan launches first phase of Sehat Insaf Card
On Feb 4, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the first phase of the Sehat Insaf Card. Addressing the ceremony, the prime minister hoped that the card will help alleviate poverty. “The purpose of our each policy is to reduce poverty,” he said. He said that the health cards will be provided to 10 million families in a month. Imran Khan said that the government would give loans to the people for constructing their houses. “The society ignoring health and education does not make progress,” he said.
Sehat Insaf Cards
The program will provide “Sehat Insaf Card” to 15 million families in the province of Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh, AJK, GB and old districts of FATA through a very transparent and computerized mechanism. The services which are available from Sehat Insaf Card includes open heart surgeries, insertion of stunts, management of cancer, neurosurgical procures, burn management, accident management, dialysis, intensive care management, deliveries, C section and other medical / surgical procedures.
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