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Indian SC turns down plea to hear Karnataka Hijab issue urgently

Indian SC turns down plea to hear Karnataka Hijab issue urgently
February 11, 2022 Web Desk

NEW DELHI – The Supreme Court on Thursday turned down a plea to hear the Hijab issue urgently, ruling that the it would be improper for court to take up the issue when the High Court is actively examining it.

The petitioner, through her counsel, sought urgent hearing on the petition filed under Article 32 of the Constitution by a 12th student Fathima Bushra.

Apart from challenging Karnataka government's decision to ban hijab in educational institutions, she has raised a host of controversies including Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Gurugram open namaz, laws against religious conversion and hate speech at Dharam Sansad - to highlight persecution of Muslims.

The court ruled: "Please let the Karnataka High Court decide the matter. It is actively examining the issue. Why should we jump in at this stage?"

He counsel contended that the issue needs urgent attention and relief to the students who are barred from attending the schools for wearing hijab, which is essential to their religious rights guaranteed under Article 25 of the Constitution apart from the students' right to freedom of choice, privacy and culture under Articles 19, 21 and 29 of the Constitution, respectively.