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India’s aggressive policy putting at stake regional peace, security: FM

India’s aggressive policy putting at stake regional peace, security: FM
May 27, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has warned that India’s aggressive policy towards its neighbours is putting at stake the regional peace and security. During the conversations, the minister said that New Delhi is threatening regional peace through its aggressive attitude as tensions between China and India amid reports of both countries’ soldiers engaging in disputes. “India’s intentions do not look good. India has already heated up the occupied Kashmir front and you know very well its attitude towards Nepal [on border issue],” said FM Qureshi, adding that New Delhi was also sabotaging peace in Afghanistan. He also said that India is rising tensions in the region by carrying out construction activities in territory that was considered disputed between it and China. “A war was fought between India and China in 1962 and again, India is resorting to aggressive posturing in the same territory,” he added. FM Qureshi urged the Indian government to exhibit responsible behaviour by making use of the mechanisms of dialogue and consultations to solve disputes. “Pakistan has said this over and over again. I have said this to the UN Secretary-General and written letters to the UN Security Council that India is threatening peace [in the region] through its aggressive behaviour,” Shah Mehmood Qureshi said. Pakistan has consistently appealed to @UN & @OIC_OCI to condemn Modi’s Hindutva supremacist ideology with relentless Islamophobia & violence/regional instability perpetuated. We also welcome @antonioguterres agreement on need to counter Islamophobia & OIC-IPHRC’s earlier censure, the minister tweeted.   “We will not stand by and let another Gujarat happen. To counter rising cases of anti-Muslim violence & Islamophobia, Pakistan has been supported by the @OIC_OCI to initiate working group with the @OICatUN for collective action,” he said, in another tweet.