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International child rapist, pornographer arrested in Rawalpindi

International child rapist, pornographer arrested in Rawalpindi
November 12, 2019
RAWALPINDI (92 News) – A key suspect of an international child pornographer, who allegedly involved in child abusing and pornography, has been arrested by Rawalpindi police on Tuesday. According to the details garnered, the main suspect from Rawat, was arrested by police on the charges of child rape and pornography. The suspect has confessed to physically abusing 30 children in Pakistan and uploading their videos on online media. It was also reported that the key suspect had served jail in the United Kingdom after being convicted in the same crime. The UK government had deported him. He had also faced trials in child abuse cases in courts of Italy. The police have arrested him following a complaint filed by a 13-year-old child Hamza’s mother. Ayaz had physically abused Hamza and captured his videos. It is noteworthy that in 2018, more than 17,862 cases of child abuse have been reported during the last five years across the country, according to statistics collected by child protection non-governmental organization, Sahil. The National Assembly was informed that about 17862 children were abused in the country during the last five years. According to a report presented in the National Assembly, a total of 10,620 cases of abuse of girls and 7,242 cases of abuse of boys were reported during 2013-2017. On the other hand, the National Assembly has passed the Juvenile Justice System Bill, 2017. The bill will apply to federal capital other areas.
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