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Rallies on International Labour Day across country

Rallies on International Labour Day across country
May 1, 2018
ISLAMABD (92 News) – Rallies were taken out across the country to mark the International Labor Day with the renewed pledge to acknowledge and promote the dignity of laborers. Labor wings of various political parties and labor organizations will take out rallies to highlight the significance of the day. The Day is marked by different rallies and seminars to highlight the fundamental and basic rights of workers. The day is aimed at paying tributes to workers sacrifices in achieving economic and social rights all over the world. The government has launched various programs for the welfare of workers including Social Security Network, Old Age Benefit Schemes and Workers Welfare Fund. Seminars will be held in different cities to pay tributes to those who laid down their lives in Chicago in 1886 for the rights of the laborers. Pakistan has been member of the ILO since independence in 1947. Pakistan has ratified 36 ILO conventions. The day was first proposed in the late 19th century by trade unionists as the labor movement gained significance. In 1894 the United States Congress unanimously voted to approve legislation to make Labor Day a national holiday which was signed by President Grover Cleveland. It is celebrated in more than 80 countries around the world.