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Iran says four prisoners killed and 61 injured in Evin prison fire

Iran says four prisoners killed and 61 injured in Evin prison fire
October 16, 2022 Reuters

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran said on Sunday that four prisoners had been killed and 61 injured in a fire at Tehran's Evin prison a day earlier, with state television airing video apparently showing that calm had returned to the facility.

The judiciary said four of those injured in Saturday's fire were in critical condition and those killed had died of smoke inhalation, Iranian state media reported.

The fire at Tehran's notorious Evin prison came amid ongoing unrest sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini while in the custody of Iran's morality police a month ago.

Before the authorities published the death toll from the fire, families of some political detainees took to social media to call on the authorities to ensure the safety of prisoners at Evin, which in 2018 was blacklisted by the US government for "serious human rights abuses".

Iranian authorities said on Saturday that a prison workshop had been set on fire "after a fight among a number of prisoners convicted of financial crimes and theft". Evin holds many detainees facing security charges, including Iranians with dual nationality.

The footage of Evin aired on state television hours later showed firefighters inspecting a workshop with fire damage to the roof. It also showed inmates in their wards apparently "sleeping as calm has been restored".

Atena Daemi, a human rights activist, said that relatives of prisoners held in the women's section had gathered at the prison for routine visiting hours, but that the authorities had denied them access, resulting in a standoff.

The relatives were told that the prisoners were "fine, but the phones are broken", according to Daemi.

"When the families said they would not leave until they (prisoners) call, give them mobile phones to call, security guards confronted the families," she tweeted.

In the footage broadcast on state television, a prison official said inmates had been allowed to contact their families.

A lawyer representing an American Iranian held at Evin, Siamak Namazi, imprisoned for nearly seven years on espionage-related charges rejected by Washington as baseless, said on Sunday that Namazi had indeed contacted his relatives.

Several other dual national Iranians and foreign citizens are held in Evin prison mostly for security-related charges.

"I am pleased to report that #SiamakNamazi has now spoken to his family. He is safe and has been moved to a secure area of Evin Prison. We have no further details at this time," Jared Genser said in a tweet.

Namazi had returned to Evin on Wednesday after being granted a brief furlough, Genser said.