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Islam will be largest religion in the world by 2050

Islam will be largest religion in the world by 2050
March 2, 2017
WASHINGTON (92 News) – Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion and will overtake as the world’s largest religion before the end of this century, according to a recent analysis published by the Pew Research Center. Current projections estimate that by 2050, the world’s Muslim population will have increased by a staggering 73 percent to 2.8 billion, compared to just a 35-percent increase in world’s Christian population. One of the key areas of growth will be in India, which has the world’s fastest growing Muslim population. Although Hinduism will remain the country’s dominant religion, India is expected to have 311 million Muslims by 2050, comprising 11 percent of the world’s total Muslim population. Europe’s Islamic population is also growing rapidly, with 10 percent of European’s likely to be Muslim by 2050. The growth will likely have been accelerated by recent mass Muslim migration towards the European continent from the Middle East, rubber-stamped by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who let in over 1 million undocumented migrants into Germany in 2015. Although small compared to other parts of the world, America’s Muslim population remains at 3.3 million, 1 percent of the American population. However, when asked, Americans reportedly believed that the Muslim population stood at 17 percent.