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Jada Pinkett Smith interview on new movie Magic Mike XXL

Jada Pinkett Smith interview on new movie Magic Mike XXL
July 4, 2015
LOS ANGELES -  From playing the villainous, manipulative Fish Mooney on Fox's Batman origins TV series "Gotham" to an empowering club owner in "Magic Mike XXL," Jada Pinkett Smith is no stranger to taking on strong female characters on screen. Smith, 43, in an interview told how she helped carve her role in her upcoming movie - one originally intended for actor Jamie Foxx - as the film's feminist force, and whether her husband, actor Will Smith, will see the film as it comes out in theaters this week. Below are excerpts. Q: How was your experience collaborating with "XXL" director Greg Jacobs and screenwriter Reid Carolin as they developed your character? A: They were so open, that was the biggest gift. Reid and Greg, I worried them to death about all kinds of stuff. It was just like this beautiful exchange back and forth and that happened up until the last day of shooting because Reid would come up with a basic idea for a scene and then he and I would sit down together, "This line is great, let's try to go here." Q: It's nice to see a more pro-female perspective presented here, you come out as a woman being lit up in the best way. A: Yes, and that's how it should be. That's really what the energy of eroticism should offer, right? In its most authentic, pure state, so I couldn't agree with you more, it's such an exhilarating film in that way that can open up a lot of different channels. Q: Have you seen the film with your family or with your husband yet? A: No, not yet. That's going to be fun, Will can't wait. He can't wait. He's like, "Oh babe, I saw the trailer. This is so perfect for you, I cannot wait to see you in this." - Reuters
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