Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Joint opposition decides to bring no-confidence motion against NA speaker

Joint opposition decides to bring no-confidence motion against NA speaker

ISLAMABAD (92 News) - After a ruckus in the national Assembly (NA), a joint opposition decided to bring a no-confidence motion against NA Speaker Asad Qaiser on Wednesday.

According to the details garnered, a consensus on bringing the no-confidence motion was decided during a session of opposition parties in Islamabad. They made it plan to express solidarity with Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif, whose speech was disrupted during the assembly session.

It was decided to form a committee tasked with making consensus on the matter within the opposition as names for its members are currently being mulled over.

The opposition leadership termed the rumpus in the assembly as a black day in the history of democracy. “The speaker failed to perform his responsibilities as he is the guardian of the house and every member in it,” they said adding that it has been proved that Asad Qaiser is not capable of performing his duties.

Earlier today, National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaisar banned the entry of seven lawmakers belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to the National Assembly till further order.

The banned lawmakers include Ali Nawaz Awan (PTI), Faheem Khan (PTI), Abdul Majeed Khan (PTI), Ali Gohar Khan (PML-N), Sheikh Rohale Asghar (PML-N), Chaudhary Hamid Hameed (PML-N) and Syed Agha Rafiullah (PPP).

The action has been taken after reviewing the footages and evidence of the inquiry meeting.

On Wednesday, the NA proceedings witnessed humiliating scenes when the ministers and parliamentarians resorted to hooliganism and used filthy language, whistled and attacked each other with budget books during the speech of the Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif on the federal budget.