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Joint session of Parliament passes resolution against Indian aggression

Joint session of Parliament passes resolution against Indian aggression
March 1, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Joint session of the parliament On Friday unanimously passed a resolution strongly condemning the blatant Indian aggression of 26th and 27th of February against Pakistan describing it in complete violation of UN Charter and the international law. The resolution moved by Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmood Qureshi completely rejected India’s self-serving and fictitious claims of having destroyed alleged terrorist facility and causing heavy casualties. The resolution pointed out that facts on the grounds clearly contradict India’s false claim and so have been testified by independent observers.
Timely, effective action of PAF repulsed Indian attack
The resolution noted that timely and effective action of Pakistan Air force repulsed the Indian attack without loss of life and property. It said that India’s baseless allegations against Pakistan in the wake of Pulwama attack were politically motivated and points out that the Indian government’s subsequent action has been guided by its electoral calculations.
Resolution recalled statements of heads of all political parties
The resolution recalled the statements of heads of all political parties and the prime minister’s statement of 19th February 2019 offering Pakistan’s assistance to India in investigation of Pulwama attack and to take action on actionable intelligence or evidence. It emphasized India’s irresponsible and reckless actions of 26th and 27th February seriously imperiled peace and stability in South Asia.
Resolution recalled statements of NSC meeting
The resolution also recalled statements of the national security committee meeting authorizing the armed forces of Pakistan to respond to any act of aggression decisively and comprehensively. It further recalled the statement issued after the special session of nationals security committee on 26th February which made it clear that India had committed uncalled for aggression to which Pakistan shall respond at the time and place of its choosing.
Entire Pakistani nation stands united in support of armed forces
The resolution affirmed that the entire Pakistani nation stands united in support of armed forces of Pakistan. The resolution reaffirmed Pakistan’s resolve to respond effectively and in a befittingly manner to Indian aggression illustrated by actions taken on 27th February which demonstrated Pakistan’s right, will and capability for self-defence.
Resolution calls upon Int'l community, UNSC
The resolution called upon the international community and the United Nations Security Council to condemn in an unambiguous manner the highly Indian government’s highly irresponsible actions escalating the tension to a new level and seriously endangering peace and stability in the region.
Parliament welcomes condemnation by OIC on Jammu Kashmir
The parliament welcomed strong condemnation by the OIC contract group on Jammu and Kashmir over recent wave of oppression and atrocities by the Indian occupation forces in occupied Kashmir. It also welcomed OIC’s condemnation over the violation of the line of control by the Indian military aircraft. It noted with deep disapprobation that after India has attacked Pakistan, a founding member of the OIC that India an aggressor against Pakistan as well as the Kashmiri people has been invited as a guest of honor at the OIC meeting in Abu Dhabi. It demanded that Pakistan abstain and occupied has been invited as guest of honor and demands that Pakistan abstains completely under protest from the said meeting.
Strongly condemning Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir
Strongly condemning the Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and arrest of Kashmiri leaders, the resolution rejected the India’s attempt to protect the legitimate the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination as terrorism. The resolution reiterated that Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute, pending on the agenda of UNSC due to Indian intransigence.
Resolution underscores peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute
It underscored that a just and peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute is an unfinished agenda of the partition of India and essential for durable peace and stability in the region. It called upon India to put an immediate halt to continued Human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and implement the UNSC resolutions on Kashmir calling for an impartial plebiscite to determine the future of Kashmir.
Resolution echoes PM's call to avoid further escalation
The resolution echoed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s call to avoid further escalation and urged the parliament of India to support the call by this joint session of Pakistani parliament for de-escalation and dialogue between India and Pakistan.