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Judiciary taking steps for protection of women rights: CJP

Judiciary taking steps for protection of women rights: CJP
December 1, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – Outgoing Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa said on Sunday that the judiciary is taking steps to protect the rights of women and providing justice for them. Addressing the third day and concluding session of “Women Judges Conference” in Lahore, CJP Khosa asserted that every citizen, including the minorities has equal rights in the constitution. He also emphasized on the role of women in the judiciary and the country. CJP Khosa said that the courts have been functioning from the last 50 years for provision of justice to women in the society. “The role of women in our society is vital and it is increasing day by day. More than 300 women judges have been working in district courts,” the outgoing CJP mentioned. He also said that soon female judges would be appointed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. “We should make women independent in other spheres of the society,” he added. He highlighted that female judges should work in a relaxed environment and should not present themselves as a stern judge. “The judges should remain firm and relax. Female judges should free themselves from mental stress and discharge their duties in a convenient environment,” CJP Khosa remarked.
Bar and Bench two wheels of justice
CJP Khosa said that Bar and Bench were the two wheels of justice, and effective coordination between those two was vital for dispensation of justice to the masses. He addressed a farewell dinner in Bahawalpur, and stated that people put their trust in courts so “this is our topmost responsibility to ensure provision of justice.” The CJP stressed that the law and order should be maintained for the development of the country. A day earlier, CJP Asif Saeed Khosa has said that there is no need of forming a High Court bench at each place after the video link. Addressing DG Khan District Bar Association on Saturday, he said that his father wanted to see him a CSP officer. “But I revolted against my father’s decision and decided to remain independent. I started practice from Dera Ghazi Khan,” he said. He said that the DBA had offered his father to make the president unopposed 40 years ago, but his father refused to accept it. “I thank all lawyers for the respect bestowed on my father about 40 years ago,” he said. “I have never succumbed to pressure since my childhood.” The CJP said that education is the only way to progress. He urged young lawyers not to meddle their personal problems in the profession. “Lawyers should give more respect to judges much more than the respect they desire for themselves. A good character is also essential for self-respect,” he said .