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Karachi sizzles as mercury touches 40°C

Karachi sizzles as mercury touches 40°C
April 12, 2020
KARACHI (92 News) – A complete halt in sea breeze turned weather in Karachi extremely hot on Sunday as mercury rose to 40 degrees Celsius in the city under the influence of hot and dry winds coming from the plains of the country. Karachiites experienced another hot and dry day as the Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) declared weather as medium level heat wave across the metropolis. The PMD also forecasted that a moderate heat wave condition is likely to continue in Karachi till Monday. The official attributed the soaring temperature in the metropolis to a halt in sea breeze- which allowed the heatwave like condition. Maximum temperature is likely to remain 39 – 41ºC during next two days, said MET chief Sarfraz, adding that mild to moderate heatwaves were expected in Karachi in May. On the other hand, the MET office has predicted hot and dry weather in other parts of the country. The temperature of some major cities recorded today: Islamabad 14 degree centigrade, Lahore 23, Peshawar 19, Gilgit 10, Quetta 13, Murree 11 and Muzaffarabad 13 degree centigrade.