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Kashmiris hail PM Imran Khan’s sppech in UNGA: Iltija Mufti

Kashmiris hail PM Imran Khan’s sppech in UNGA: Iltija Mufti
October 3, 2019
NEW DELHI (News) – Former Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) chief minister Mehbooba Mufti’s daughter Iltija Mufti said that the Kashmiris hailed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech in United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). In an interview with BBC, Iltaja Mufti affirmed the positive impact Imran Khan’s UNGA speech had on the besieged Kashmiri’s of India. “PM Khan’s UNGA speech voiced Kashmiri passion,” she added. Iltijia Mufti said that the Prime Minister’s speech at the UNGA made the Kashmiri’s come out on the streets in the curfew ridden Kashmir, they chanted and sloganeered against the tyrannical occupation forces of India. “Kashmiri’s felt moved and found the speech very positive, the youth in Kashmir harbors negative emotions against the state of India due to the decades of subjugation that they had been enforced to live under,” said Iltija.
India has turned into Lynch-istan
“India has turned into Lynch-istan, those that inflict atrocities on the Muslims of Kashmir are praised as heroes in India,” Iltaja Mufti mentioned. While openly criticizing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government, she said that the voices of Kashmiri people are being suppressed. “Kashmiris are now gravitating towards Pakistan’s leader Imran Khan and the real reason for revocation of Article 370 is that Delhi wants to engineer democratic changes in the only Muslim majority state in India." She warned that India is hurtling forwards Godse’s idea of India, which crushes dissent" and doesn’t want to embrace people of other ethnicities. On the other hand, no respite for the people as the authorities continue to impose restrictions and communications blockade in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) and Muslim majority areas of Jammu region on the 60th straight day. The residents continue to live in a state of fear due to heavy deployment of Indian troops in every nook and corner of the occupied territory. The people of the Kashmir valley and Muslim-majority areas of Jammu region continue to live in a pre communications era as there are no mobile phone and internet services.