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Korean Zombie thriller Train to Busan hits screens in Cannes

Korean Zombie thriller Train to Busan hits screens in Cannes
May 15, 2016
CANNES - Korean Zombie thriller Train to Busan hit the screens in Cannes as part of the Out of Competition series. The movie, which is set on a train amidst a zombie outbreak, sees Korean actor Gong Yoo playing an absent father trying to protect his daughter as the flesh eaters consume every living being on the train. It represents anime film director Yeon Sang-ho's first foray into live action films. "There were a lot of people in the audience who wanted to see my live action movie so I thought that maybe at one point I would have to make a live action movie. So this movie 'Train To Busan' was really a good opportunity for me because the production company proposed to me, why not make this movie," he told Reuters. During the film characters from all walks of life are thrown together in a fight for survival on the train. As the carnage plays out, a beggar becomes a hero while a company CEO turns into a ruthless villain in the struggle to stay alive. Some reviewers have dubbed the film a commentary on South Korea's social divide, but for Yeon, the aim was to show that a person can best be judged when they come up against adversity. "Actually the train is a very limited space so what I wanted to do in this movie was to represent society through this limited space of the train, so I wanted to have as many different characters as possible in this film," he said. For ten year old Kim Soo-ahn, taking part in the movie was at times a harrowing experience. Train to Busan is one of three Korean films featuring at the Cannes film festival. -Reuters
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