Friday, October 7, 2022

Last day of 977th Urs of Data Ganj Bakhsh

Last day of 977th Urs of Data Ganj Bakhsh

LAHORE (92 News) - 977th Urs of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh is ending today.

Urs Mubarak of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA) starts every year in Safar-ul-Muzaffar (from 18 Safar to 20 Safar).

Millions of followers (Moetqadeen) from all over Pakistan visit Darbar Shareef Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh at Bhatti gate Lahore each year.

Hazrat Syed Hafiz Haji Abu’l Hasan Bin Usman Bin Ali Al-Jalabi Al-Hujwiri (RA) alias Data Ganj Bakhsh (the master who bestows treasures) or Data Sahib was a great Persian Sufi scholar, writer and poet who lived during the 5th Century AH and significantly contributed to the spreading of Islam in Subcontinent.

Hazrat Ali Hujwiri (RA) was born in the city of Ghazni during the reign of Mahmud of Ghazni where his family had settled.

Around 431 AH, during the rule of Mahmud Ghaznavi, he left Ghazni for Lahore along with Hazrat Abu Saeed Hujwiri (RA) and Hazrat Ahmad Hammadi Sarkhasi (RA).where he settled and died spreading Islam in South Asia.

As his 977th annual Urs is being observed, thousands of Muslim devotees across Pakistan are participating in festivities at the shrine to pay their tribute to the saint.