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Solar eclipse witnessed in Pakistan after 20 years

Solar eclipse witnessed in Pakistan after 20 years
December 26, 2019
KARACHI (92 News) – The last solar eclipse of 2019 was witnessed across the country after 20 years on Thursday. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the country witnessed the last annular in 1999 during which the Sun was fully covered by the Moon. The duration of the eclipse, which was given the name of 'ring of fire' continued from 7:35am to 10:36am. The total eclipse will be observed approximately at 10:08 when 90 percent sun will hide behind moon. The eclipse would end just before noon but the day could remain partially dark till 1 pm. This annular solar eclipse will also be witnessed in Eastern Europe, north-western Australia, eastern Africa, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. In all, 2019 witnessed five lunar and solar eclipses, of which only one solar and one lunar were seen in Pakistan. Solar eclipses always occur within roughly two weeks of a lunar eclipse, because of the way the eclipse season works. The current season’s lunar eclipse is happening on January 10, but unfortunately it’s a penumbral lunar eclipse, which is hard to distinguish from a usual full Moon.