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Latest technology in line with international standards is hallmark of 92 News

Latest technology in line with international standards is hallmark of 92 News
February 6, 2023 Web Desk

LAHORE (92 News) - 92 News is not only ahead in searching for news, but it is also far ahead of its contemporaries in acquiring and using technology.

One of 92 News' identity is innovation and technology. That's why, we use technology to bring out what others cannot tell.

News is everywhere, but the way it is presented makes it easier to understand the news. The use of technology in the understanding of news is the requirement of the modern journalism. 92 News is far ahead of its contemporary channels to meet this requirement of the new era.

Acquisition and use of technology is a specialty of 92 News that not only delivers the news from its largest virtual studio but the news is sent to its viewers from every angle. 92 News' Augmented Reality Newsroom, which is the first of its kind in Pakistan, has made it easier to understand the jargon of words.

92 News introduced the Hologram Technology, which eliminated distances and made easier the coordination of news and facts.

We conveyed the virtual reality to the audience in a way that the viewers loved it. We brought everything together through the virtual wall and every aspect of the picture came out.

Whoever the character of the news was and wherever it was, we brought it into our foreground studio and imbued it with every tinge of reality.

This journey of combining news and technology is continuing. We will always be one step ahead in acquiring the modern technology because we are 92 News – Informed and Reliable.