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Lawyers’ Action Committee demands to withdraw strike on June 14

Lawyers’ Action Committee demands to withdraw strike on June 14
June 10, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – Punjab bar Council Lawyers’ Action Committee on Sunday demanded Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) to withdraw countrywide strike on June 14. All Pakistan Representatives Lawyers Convention was held under the Lawyers’ Action Committee in Islamabad. After the convention, they announced to not participate in the countrywide strike of the PBC. They also demanded to withdraw the decision about protest at June 14. They condemned the lawyer’s resolution of June 8 and threatening to the national intuitions. They said that the lawyers are in the support of Supreme Judicial Commission (SJC). They opposed the demand of resignation from the attorney general and the law minister. The leaders of lawyers’ action committee also adopted a stance that they have to see institutions not the personalities. “Any judge can be accountable before the SJC,” they added. The lawyers further said that they all aware about the reference against Qazi Faez Isa. “If the allegations will not prove true than reference should be dissolved itself,” the lawyers assured. They further said that the calls for strike before the hearing of reference are above to the sense.
Lawyers announce to observe countrywide strike on June 14
Earlier, the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) announced to countrywide protest on June 14 in response to a reference filed against senior judges of the top court. Addressing a press conference, PBC vice chairman Amjad Shah said no notice was served to judges under section 176, adding that this is a weak reference. He said Dr Firdous Awan should speak wisely while talking to media. The PBC members also demanded resignations of the law minister and the attorney general of Pakistan, stating that the May 28 reference against the top court judge was based on ‘mala fide’ intent. The PBC vice chairman urged the government to immediately withdraw the reference. “Purpose of the protest is to guard the essence of the Constitution and preserve the supremacy of law,” he explained. He said the protest would be against government and reference filed against honorable judges. He said the reference does not come under the ambit of misconduct and Supreme Judicial Council. He demanded government must retract this reference. He said the lawyers would record their protest on June 14 peacefully. He said the rulers must not adopt the thinking of kings, adding that the protest is against the filing of wrong reference. The PBC vice chairman clarified that the protest is not borne by pressure from any political party and is exclusively the decision of the lawyers.