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Lena Hoschek opens Berlin Fashion Week with Provence-inspired line

Lena Hoschek opens Berlin Fashion Week with Provence-inspired line
July 8, 2015
BERLIN - Berlin Fashion Week kicked off on Tuesday with Austrian designer Lena Hoschek presenting a spring/summer 2016 collection inspired by an old patterned fabric she once found in Provence. Models strutted down the catwalk in over the knee summer dresses and patterned skirts accessorized with straw hats, light scarves or floral crowns. Off the shoulder white tops or shirts were tucked into floaty red or blue skirts while light summer dresses were tied at the waist with long ribbons. Hoschek, who once interned with the British dame of fashion Vivienne Westwood and founded her own label at the age of 24, is known for her vintage-inspired creations. She said the latest collection was inspired by fabric she found at a flea market in the south of France. "Several years ago, I discovered hand painted fabric from 1850 in Provence ... I had (it) reproduced at my graphic design studio and made my own prints," the designer told Reuters backstage. "My inspiration comes mainly from different materials, colors and folkloric patterns, from a lot of traditional customs as well as different ethnic backgrounds." Other labels to showcase their designs on Tuesday included Sopopular and Pearly Wong. Berlin Fashion Week runs until July 10. - REUTERS
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