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Madinah Foundation organizes collective wedding of 50 deserving couples

Madinah Foundation organizes collective wedding of 50 deserving couples
March 22, 2019
FAISALABAD (92 News) – On the eve of “Lion of Allah” Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Ali’s birth anniversary, the pilgrims, the Madinah Foundation has organized the collective wedding ceremony of 50 deserving couple on Thursday. On the day of happy birth anniversary of “Babe Madinatul ilm”, Madinah Foundation celebrated the holy and happy day in the unique manner, the foundation was become source to tie the knot 50 deserving couples. The happiness of brides, who wearing beautiful precious dresses, were seems through their shy feelings own her faces. The participants who attended the event also expressed their happiness by singing the wedding poetry. Madinah Foundation has provided dowry of more than Rs0.1 million worth including bed pots and other households for each newly married couple. The parents of married couples felt easy after fulfilling their heavy responsibility while the religious scholars termed blessed and best this initiative taken by the Madinah Foundation on the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali. In the wedding ceremony, Additional Registrar of University of Faisalabad Dr Najib Haider also participated as a chief guest and expressed best wishes for the newly married couples. It is pertinent to mention here that with the disappointment to eave parents’ home but the happiness of brides made the moments memorable after getting their life partners.