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Magicians seek to amaze with tricks at London 'Impossible' show

Magicians seek to amaze with tricks at London 'Impossible' show
July 29, 2015
LONDON - Grand illusions, mind readings and death-defying escapology come to London this summer in a magic show billed as "the biggest in decades" in the British capital. Running for five weeks, "Impossible" will seek to wow audiences with its line-up of magicians, tricksters and daredevil performers at its West End venue, close to where escape artist Harry Houdini once performed for London crowds. "My job can be very dangerous ... In 'Impossible' I'm completely on fire, I shoot crossbows on the stage," daredevil stunt performer Jonathan Goodwin told Reuters. "The audience are going to be in for a big surprise ... There hasn't been a stage show like this in London for a very long time." His co-star Ali Cook follows in Houdini's footsteps in the show by freeing himself from handcuffs and a neck brace while in a water tank. "For some reason (magic) is back. It's really popular not just here but around the world. There's a lot of big magic shows just touring the whole world at the moment" Cook said. "No one has seen (magic) for a long time so it's like it's new again ... One of the rare things that magic can do is make ... you feel amazed ... I think that's why people are seeking that out again." "Impossible" runs at the Noel Coward Theater until August 29. - Reuters
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