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Martyrs are alive in our hearts, nation will always be indebted to martyrs: Caretaker PM

Martyrs are alive in our hearts, nation will always be indebted to martyrs: Caretaker PM
December 11, 2023 Web Desk

ISLAMABAD (APP) - Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar on Monday warned terrorist groups in the country to make an 'unconditional surrender', saying the state would not negotiate with them.

“The state will not show any leniency towards terrorists who committed violence and killed innocent citizens,” he said in an interaction with the families of martyrs here at the Interior Ministry, where earlier he launched the country’s new visa policy. "The martyrs are alive in our hearts. The entire nation will always be indebted to the martyrs," he declared.

PM Kakar categorically said that no person would be allowed to take the law into his hands, adding that only the state had the legitimate right to use armed power through its security forces. “No one should have any doubt about the stance of the state against terrorists,” he said. “All organs of the state have the clarity to remain persistent against militancy.”

He said any damage incurred in the past by giving a lenient space to militants would be mitigated. The prime minister said if someone wanted to denounce terrorism must seek forgiveness from the families of the martyrs, who paid the ultimate price of terrorism. “We cannot compensate those who lost their loved ones, but can make a gesture to acknowledge and honour their invaluable sacrifices,” he said.

Kakar said the reward for the martyrs’ souls rests with Allah Almighty, however, it was the responsibility of the society to honour them with a distinguished status. “I pay tribute to all the martyrs with an unending list of heroes from all sections of society including police, politicians, journalists, soldiers, and even children,” he said.

Earlier, at the launch of the new visa policy, the prime minister congratulated the Ministry of Interior on the achievement of a 'good milestone'. He said the country needed to further rationalize its visa policy with the target of attracting investment.

“Unless we open up to the world, we cannot attract investment and develop connectivity,” he said, adding that a country’s visa policy was the cornerstone of its economic roadmap.

The minister briefed that the new visa policy includes the introduction of investor visas and the revision of the existing business visa category. The investor visa has been introduced in line with the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) initiative. The hassle-free process allows visa approval within 24 hours with a short-term (1-3 years) and long-term entry visa (5 years).

The process requires minimal documentation with the option of converting the entry business and investor visa into a long-term investor visa. The PM was informed that the business visa category was revised with the introduction of SIFC Business Entry and its extension. The business visa will be issued in 24 hours for a six-month short-term entry visa and a five-year long-term visa. The National and Database Registration Authority (NADRA) is managing the visa process and has also deployed its staff at the SIFC.

The prime minister inaugurated a memorial gallery where the pictures of martyrs were put on display. He mounted on the wall a photograph of Additional Inspector General of Police Safwat Ghayur who was martyred by terrorists. He also visited the social media cell where he was given a briefing about its functioning.

Earlier, Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti received PM Kakar on his arrival at the Ministry of Interior. A contingent of Islamabad Police presented a salute and guard of honour to the prime minister. The family members of martyrs including veteran politician Mian Iftikhar Hussain, whose son was martyred by terrorists, expressed gratitude to the interim government for recognizing the sacrifices of the martyred heroes.