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Marui Women's Livestock Market in Tando Allahyar encourages female SMEs and livestock farmers

Marui Women's Livestock Market in Tando Allahyar encourages female SMEs and livestock farmers
January 15, 2022 Web Desk

Senior Correspondent (Kashif Shamim Siddiqui) – Being first-ever in Sindh, the Marui Women's Livestock Market held today in Tando Allahyar city to encourage female-led Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and livestock farmers for trade and business in the livestock sector.

It was organized by Research & Development Foundation (RDF) in collaboration with UN ITC and District Administration Tando Allahyar under EU-funded Growth for Rural Advancement and Sustainable Progress (GRASP) project, where more than 400 women livestock herders and farmers came to sell their animals and there were around 500 buyers both men and women who purchased goats, sheep and cattle from the women sellers.

Dr Fateh Muhammad Marri, vice-chancellor SAU Tando Jam, Shabnam Baloch provincial lead of GRASP ITC, Ashfaque Soomro, Executive Director of RDF and Assistant Commissioner Tando Allahyar inaugurated the first Women Livestock Market.

While, talking to media, Dr Fateh Muhammad Marri said that usually women manage livestock but they hardly sell their animals in Pakistan, particularly in rural areas. "Livestock is the second major livelihood source in rural areas of Sindh, in which primarily women are engaged. This intervention would lead to empowering rural women both economically and socially," he added.

Shabnam Baloch said, there is a huge potential in the livestock sector which is untapped yet. "Women entrepreneurs dealing in the livestock sector face a number of challenges, which can be addressed with gender sensitive management models. GRASP aims to flourish business opportunities for the rural women in Sindh. This step is ahead in the women-led livestock business," she added.

Ashfaque Soomro said that with this first of its kind intervention, they have provided women-led SMEs and farmers a platform of trade and business. "The market has facilitated women buyers and sellers to expand and uplift their businesses in the livestock sector. The response of women sellers and buyers is very encouraging. This event will be held every month at the same place where it is being held today," he announced.

Rozina, a livestock farmer from Mirpurkhas, brought 50 goats for sale in the market, who while sharing her views said that I am so glad that I got a chance to come here, in this women's livestock market to sell my livestock myself. "It is like my dream came true as I always wanted to sell my livestock myself in such market but never got an opportunity. Also looking forward to purchase more livestock from here," she opined.

Meanwhile, the Sindh Livestock Department also established its vaccination camp at the market to ensure that every animal is vaccinated, which added value to the sale of animals and gained trust of the buyers too.

There were also sales outlets of livestock related products such as 'desi' ghee, butter, green fodder and other accessories. Some women have also set up the sales outlets of tea and food products.

Besides, a number officials from INGOs, local NGOs and academic institutions also visited this market and appreciated the efforts of organizers.

GRASP is a six-year project funded by the European Union and being implemented by UN ITC in partnership with Research and Development Foundation in 12 districts of Sindh, aiming to alleviate poverty through strengthening rural small and micro enterprises in the horticulture and livestock sectors.