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Marvi Memon flays PML-N leadership again

Marvi Memon flays PML-N leadership again
April 15, 2018
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Estrange Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Marvi Memon once again criticized her own party saying those who keep difference of opinion are being sidelined. The disgruntled PML-N leader took to the twitter to express her views. She said that there is no space of such leaders in the party who possess difference of opinion. Memon further said that the PML-N needs someone who can convey bitter truth to the top leadership, adding that the party was facing problems due to lack of discussion among party leaders Like other party workers, Marvi is continuously criticizing her own party. Marvi said: “Unbelievable how the ones who cost party death and sit-ins and blocked roads still thriving and those who kept heads in their work without jee hazoori on sidelines. When parties go through tough times you need those telling you bitter truth vs singing your praise close to you if you wish to win.” “We expect are political parties to be democratic but when difference of opinion is dared to be voiced one is asked to get out or considered sidelined damaging or disloyal,” she said and added instead of seeing wisdom of that difference and pulling them back in and accepting the sincerity of opinion. Here lies tragedy of jee hazoori.