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Maryam threatens to observe hunger strike outside jail if Nawaz not allowed homemade food

Maryam threatens to observe hunger strike outside jail if Nawaz not allowed homemade food
July 8, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) –Maryam Nawaz said that the ‘fake’ government has banned the homemade food for former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. In a tweet, she said that the staff stayed for several hours outside the jail to provide the meal, but the administration refused to receive the meal. Maryam Nawaz said that Mian Sahib had refused to take the jail meal. “I will move court if the government did not withdraw the ban within 24 hours,” she added. She also threatened to observe the hunger strike outside Kot Lakhpat Jail if the court did not help her. “I do not trust these cruel people who could mix up something in the meal of Nawaz Sharif,” she said. Maryam Nawaz said that it should be not considered just a threat because she could do it. On the other hand, Punjab Government Spokesperson Shehbaz Gill said that Nawaz Sharif was a prisoner and responsibility of the government. He said that the government had reservation about the homemade food. “Nawaz Sharif will have to live according to the jail manual,” he added.
Maryam demands Nawaz’s acquittal by justifying unclear video
On Saturday, Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz demanded the acquittal of incarcerated former premier Nawaz Sharif by portraying unclear video as ‘solid evidences’ of his innocence. Addressing a press conference along with PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif and senior leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Maryam demanded acquittal of Nawaz Sharif on the basis of evidences shown in alleged video, adding that she respects every institution of Pakistan. The daughter of Nawaz Sharif released alleged video with unclear audio, claiming, “We have solid evidences that Nawaz was victimized by the courts in fake corruption cases.” It is pertinent to mention here that Maryam showed journalists an alleged fabricated video of accountability court judge Arshad Malik claiming the judge was forced to give verdict against Nawaz Sharif in Al-Azizia reference case. She also claimed that the corruptions allegations were made on Nawaz Sharif but no proves were shown and announced verdicts on the base of assumptions and revenge. Maryam claimed that the accountability judge was forced into delivering the Al-Azizia verdict against Nawaz, alleging that certain individuals showed the judge a personal video after which he relented to their demand. On the occasion, Shehbaz Sharif said that he hopes that Nawaz would be given justice by the courts. He said a three times prime minister and real inventor of CPEC is in jail, who accomplished the nuclear atomic programme of Pakistan. In last year Dec 24, Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik sentenced former premier Nawaz Sharif in the Al-Azizia while acquitted in Flagship Investment references on Monday. The court also fined him US$25 million. After the verdict, Nawaz Sharif was arrested. Announcing the verdict, the judge remarked that Nawaz Sharif had failed in giving the money trail in the Al-Azizia reference. “However, the prosecution failed to prove the allegation in the Flagship reference,” he announced.