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Media misrepresented his stance on Musharraf case verdict, says CJP

Media misrepresented his stance on Musharraf case verdict, says CJP
December 20, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Outgoing Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa termed that the media misrepresented his stance on former president Pervez Musharraf case verdict. While addressing full court reference, CJP Khosa said that the impression was given on media that he supported the verdict of Musharraf. “The allegations of influencing the Musharraf case against him are false and baseless,” he added. The chief justice said that he had not supported the special court verdict of Musharraf’s treason case. This is the worst conspiracy to defame the courts and him. Media misrepresented my stance on this issue. The truth will be exposed soon,” he added. Additional Attorney General had accused me of affecting the treason case but, these allegations are baseless and incorrect, CJP Khosa said. Being chief justice, I tried to set my house in order first, he said. I stressed on the system of justice and judicial reforms, he said. The video link system was set up, as was a modern research centre, he said, adding that cases that had been pending in the Supreme Court for 25 years were disposed of. During his speech, the CJP also recited Fahmida Riaz’s poem Faiz Kehte. کچھ لوگ تمہیں سمجھا ئیں گے Some people will try to understand you, وہ تم کو خوف دلائیں گے They will try to harass you, جو ہے وہ بھی کھو سکتا ہے You can lose what you have اس راہ میں رہزن ہیں اتنے There are many robbers on this path کچھ اور یہاں ہو سکتا ہے Something else could also happen کچھ اور تو اکثرہوتا ہے Something else often happens پر تم جس لمحے میں زندہ ہو The moment in which you are alive, یہ لمحہ تم سے زندہ ہے That moment is alive because of you, یہ وقت پھرنہیں آئے گا This moment will not return, تم اپنی کرنی کر گزرو Do what you want, جو ہو گا دیکھا جا ئے گا Whatever happens, will happen On the occasion, SC judges, Vice Chairman Pakistan Bar Council Amjad Shah, president of the apex court and other members were also present.