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Milk price increased by Rs23 per litre in Karachi

Milk price increased by Rs23 per litre in Karachi
April 10, 2019
KARACHI (92 News) – The Karachi Dairy Farmers Association (KDFA) have increased the milk price by Rs23 per litre and it now costs Rs120 per litre for the consumer. KDFA president Shakir Gujjar said that they had requested the government to increase the price last year, adding that the government forced us to sell milk at old prices. The dairy farmers sold milk to retailer at the price of 85 rupees per litre before increasing the milk price but now they have increased the prices of milk by 23 rupees and selling to the retailers at the price of 108 rupees. The retailers also stated that they cannot sale the milk in cheap prices after purchasing costly. “The government doesn’t realise that the price of fodder has increased a lot,” he said. A notification was issued last year which said that the milk will be sold for Rs94 per litre, he said. “Everyone in Karachi was still selling it for Rs100 per litre.” Sindh’s Agriculture, Supply and Prices Minister Ismail Rahoo said that the government will launch a crackdown against the people who will sell milk at exorbitant prices. People said that an inflation bomb has been dropped on them. “The price of petrol has increased too and Ramazan is upon us,” said a man who had come to purchase milk. “The government is making everything more expensive for us.”
Milk price fixed at Rs 94 per liter in Karachi
Earlier in the previous year, the milk was fixed at Rs 94 per liter in Karachi. The decision was made during a meeting presided over by the Karachi commissioner. Representatives of dairy farms, wholesalers and retailers also attended the meeting.
The notification about the milk price will be presented in court. On the other hand, retailers have stopped the sale of milk in protest against the directive of the Sindh High Court to sell the commodity at Rs 85 per liter. They told 92 News that they could not comply with the government directive after purchasing milk at Rs 95 per litre. Residents were unable to purchase and yogurt after vendors shut down their shops, putting up notices saying ‘Sorry consumers’. The metropolis’s daily milk demand is estimated at 4.5 million liters and supply at 3.5 million liters.